Over The Rainbow

The Day to Day Life of Bear the Cairn Terrier and his Buddies All Rescued From Various Circumstances Not of Their Own Choice

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

All The Doggy Doo About Us

In the Land of Oz, there are many wonderful humans who work very hard to make sure we are safe and happy. There were not so many back in Kansas. Some of the humans there even kept us in horrible places called Puppy Mills. We did NOT like it there. Others just had situations in their lives where, although we were loved, they couldn't keep us. Sometimes , we were just being our "Terrier" selves and ended up in a bad place called "The Pound" . It's kinda like doggy jail.
Anyway, these wonderful OZ humans quickly come to our rescue no matter what the circumstance. We go to a foster home while we are recuperating from our ordeal, and our foster mommies and daddies take really good care of all our needs. They also work hard to find us a "Forever Home" where we will be loved and cared for the rest of our lives. I hear that there are not enough foster homes for all of us. I cannot understand this, we are such great doggies and there are so many of us. So I just want to say:
Please Consider Becoming A Foster Home For Us!!!!
You can contact CRUSA via e-mail or their website for all the information.

Cairn Rescue USA

Frequently Asked Questions
Why do Cairns end up in Rescue?
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How can I help Cairn Rescue?

Monday, October 10, 2005

Snarley-Marley and the Kitten

This is Marley guarding his kitten from the attentions of the Mama cat. See her behind him. He actually thinks the kitten belongs to him, although he has neither the plumbing to birth it nor the equipment to nourish it.

Don't try to get between him and his kitten though. You will truly incur the Snarly Wrath of Marley.

I think he's afraid the flying monkeys will try to take it away one day.

Just look at those eyes and be afraid-be VERY afraid.
Personally I think he is sukoshi Baka Inu.
But we all love him anyway.

My Brother Marley

This is Marley. He thinks he is ToTo. Just cause he looks like him, doesn't mean he is. He fell out of the sky one day during a big thunderstorm. He has a thing for gnawing on glittery red shoes. He tries to act like a
Bad-A$$ dog and we call him Snarley-Marley, but I think he is all snarl and no bite. It's good to have a friend though, so I guess he can stay.
I heard I can put him in a big balloon and send him back if he gets on my nerves too much.

Bear Is A Happy Dog

HI!!! I am Bear the Cairn Terrier. I live with my brothers Charlie-Marley and Sam Jack.
I lived for a long time in a small kennel. Although I was loved, I yearned to be able to romp and play whenever I wanted. One day I came to live here instead. Now I have my own big backyard and can open the door and go out whenever want. I don't know what happened to that kennel, but I can't say I'm sorry to see it gone! You can see how much I LOVE my new yard.